Carousel V2

Sep 15, 2022

We updated our Carousel component with two new Sizing options: Columns and Rows. This allows you to make responsive Carousels, as you can choose to show a fixed amount of content per breakpoint. For example, you can set Columns to 3 on Desktop, 2 on Tablet and 1 on Phone. The component now also includes a Radius property, allowing you to clip the contents within if you have Padding set to 0. If you want to play around with these new properties, you can remix our demo here.

Viewport Height

Sep 13, 2022

This release adds support for Fixed and Absolute positioning within Stacks, unlocking all-new layout setups and simplifying existing ones. Pin layers to the Viewport regardless of your page set-up, or use absolute positioning within Stacks to break out of its flow.

Linking Update

Jun 12, 2022

This update brings new Linking features and workflow improvements. You can now create links that smoothly animate to any section on your page, and define whether or not to open them in new tabs. Additionally, we’ve added helpful little indicators to layers with links, and you can now use the L key to quickly add a link to any selected layer—allowing you to add links solely using your keyboard. This makes linking in Framer faster than ever.